The Many Roles of an SEO Professional

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals play a big role in the overall performance of many businesses today. They help businesses to increase their online presence and achieve their goals though digital platforms. With their background in both IT and marketing, SEO professionals are seen as versatile and valuable members of the business community. They are […]

All the Perks of Taking SEO Courses for your Business

Other than lead generation programs in Hong Kong, SEO training is rising in popularity among businesses big and small. Business owners are apparently realizing the role of SEO in establishing online presence in the highly digital world of commerce. If you are one of them, taking an SEO course can be the key to boosting […]

Digital Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing – Time to Straighten Them Out

Digital marketing is probably one of the industries that are constantly plagued by myths. Sometimes, even the simplest and the most basic ones, people would always get them wrong. It’s hard to trace back where all these assumptions and claims came from, but one thing is for sure, it’s about time to verify and correct […]

What to Look for an SEO Expert? – 5 Ways to Find Someone You Can Trust

It’s always a challenge to find an effective and reliable SEO expert that would help you with your digital marketing campaign. The term has been practically thrown around a lot these days which makes the search even more difficult. You’ll see people from left and right claiming that they’re a seasoned specialist only to be […]

Best SEO Courses & Programs Online to Level Up Your Skills

At this day and age, a competent and effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is a must to support your digital marketing endeavours. Without it, it’s almost impossible to show up and rank high on search results. Businesses have become fully aware of this which is why they have been very keen in investing to […]

Becoming an SEO Expert – Why Do You Need to Get Certified?

If you’re interested in advancing your SEO career, earning certifications in the field has probably crossed your mind. Nowadays, it isn’t as hard to find marketing learning centres offering these courses or program. A quick search on the internet would provide you with plenty of options to choose from. But as digital marketer-in-the-making, does getting […]

Digital Marketing Know-How: Why SEO Courses Are Popular?

Creating a user-friendly and fully optimised website is now the new norm for many businesses. If you want to remain relevant and visible to users, you need to keep an eye on the latest updates on search engines. Google is particularly very keen on releasing algorithm updates to ensure users get the answers they’re looking […]

Growing Your Business with SEO – How Is This Possible?

Businesses today have become fully aware of how important it is to maintain a solid and strong online presence. You can attribute it to the way the internet affected and transformed the world. And if they don’t catch up and adapted this change sooner, they will be left behind. That’s why many companies have turned […]

Things to Remember When Picking the Right SEO Course

Adding SEO to your skill set is always an advantage for you. It has become a booming career in today’s digital age. When businesses are longing to get their websites on top of the search results, they often look for an SEO consultant to heed their professional advice. The challenge, however, is finding a good […]

4 Common Practices You Must Avoid in SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not an easy process to take. More often than not, digital specialist commit rookie mistakes no matter how many years of experience they already had in the industry. While the industry of SEO can be a lot to take in, it’s necessary that you always make informed decisions to stay […]