5 Things Every Digital Marketing Agency Do

You have a great product but sales are not adding up? You have the resources but not the experience? You might be in need of a digital marketing agency. Services offered by digital marketing services include a wide variety of services including, but not limited, to inbound campaigns, social media management, web design and consultancy.  […]

3 Ways of Getting Quality SEO Leads

SEO leads are potential buyers that find your product through search engine results.  As easy as it sounds, the challenge is “how?’. Although its definition emphasizes on potential buyers finding you, it is still your job to be visible to them.  So, how do you do it? There are countless ways, but I’ve made a […]

How to do Local SEO for Google My Business in 2022

Local SEO is a marketing strategy focused on using near proximity searches to position their business better. Ranking higher on local searches means users nearby find their products easier.   If your business has a physical office, it is especially important for you to exploit your geographic advantage.  So how do Local SEO ranking factors start […]

Pros and Cons of Running a Digital Marketing Agency

With the surge of the digital era and having every product and service being marketed online, the need for digital marketing professionals has been growing steadily. A lot of marketing agency start-ups have emerged, taking advantage of such opportunities. Well, who wouldn’t want running their own company and being your own boss, right?  Contrary to […]

What is an Effective SEO Course and How to Find the Best One for You

After SEO was introduced as an effective strategy for marketing, there was an abundance of courses available online to assist aspiring marketers and businesses.  Every agency, coach, online academy at one point has claimed to offer the most effective course but it makes it much more difficult to choose.  A good SEO course is both […]

Improve Your Content Calendar for Twitter Mastery

Twitter was established in March 2006. According to Statistica, as of 2Q 2021, Twitter had 206 million monetizable daily active users worldwide. Getting the attention of just a fraction of that number can easily set your business for success. However, the nature of Twitter makes it hard to use for content marketers due to its […]

5 SEO Tips for Brand Building

Building a brand takes several things into consideration. In this increasingly digital landscape, you want to be visible online, but more importantly, you want to be visible to the right target market. You also need to learn to pivot if the original business plan does not work. With plenty of key metrics you want to […]

4 Reminders When Writing SEO Content

There are billions of pieces of content available online. And consumption of these pieces of content has been at an all-time high during the pandemic. It is anticipated that this interest will only continue to grow. This means if you are not prioritizing SEO yet, it’s time for you to start. Continuing to ignore the […]

Essentials for Startups: SEO, Lead Training and Brand Building for Success

Startups typically have a small team, to begin with. This smaller company size can be the boon or bane of your business existence. With a small team usually comes a small office, which means it’s easier to communicate with each other. There are also fewer levels of decision-makers to go through when you want to […]