What to Look for an SEO Expert? – 5 Ways to Find Someone You Can Trust

It’s always a challenge to find an effective and reliable SEO expert that would help you with your digital marketing campaign. The term has been practically thrown around a lot these days which makes the search even more difficult. You’ll see people from left and right claiming that they’re a seasoned specialist only to be […]

Things to Remember When Picking the Right SEO Course

Adding SEO to your skill set is always an advantage for you. It has become a booming career in today’s digital age. When businesses are longing to get their websites on top of the search results, they often look for an SEO consultant to heed their professional advice. The challenge, however, is finding a good […]

4 Common Practices You Must Avoid in SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not an easy process to take. More often than not, digital specialist commit rookie mistakes no matter how many years of experience they already had in the industry. While the industry of SEO can be a lot to take in, it’s necessary that you always make informed decisions to stay […]

Four In-demand Jobs for SEO Professionals

The industry of search engine optimization (SEO) has only been around for less than 20 years, but it already gave birth to numerous employment opportunities to many people. It has created jobs for people in the fields of marketing and information and technology. There are approximately more than a billion of websites today and each […]

Reminders for People Wanting to be Part of the SEO Industry

Reminders for People Wanting to be Part of the SEO Industry Looking to work in the SEO industry? At this point, you must already be aware of the different promising careers in store for you in the SEO world. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about it for the industry is growing and […]

Choosing the Right SEO Training Course

Looking to give your SEO skills and knowledge a boost? There are plenty of SEO training courses in Hong Kong that can help up your expertise so you could get a better job in the industry. These training courses are all designed to enrich your SEO background; however, they are not created equal. Here are […]

Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

The right SEO strategies can work wonders in improving your rankings in search engines. Learning about SEO can be easily be done using various of sources online. However, not all strategies may be effective. Following a bad SEO advice may not only impose a penalty on your site, but also can cost you time and […]

Starting SEO from Scratch

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing concept that may seem complicated at first, but is actually not if learned and done right. SEO strategies can work wonders in improving your rankings. If you don’t have the budget for corporate SEO training in Hong Kong, SEO may be self-learned.  But how does one really […]

The Expert’s Way: How to Become an SEO Expert

SEO is a rapidly growing industry, with SEO professionals becoming more and more in-demand. They are not only employed in digital marketing agencies but also serve as consultants or in-house marketing experts for corporations and enterprises of all sizes. So how do you become an SEO expert? Here are some tips to guide you on […]

Top Sites to Learn SEO from

Enrolling in an SEO course gives you the opportunity to learn in a fast and organized manner. At the end of each course, they would award you a certificate that can be your ticket to a career or a higher position in the SEO industry. These courses are available at different price points depending on […]