How to Write a Highly Effective Meta Description

A lot of people fail to realize the importance of meta description and their role in SEO. While they are very short and almost always overlooked, they actually carry a weight when it comes to how search engines evaluate each page’s relevance and how human users decide which to click from the search results. Here […]

Three SEO Myths Debunked so Many Times yet People still Believe

The SEO world is a dynamic and fast-paced world. Search engines update their algorithms very frequently and experts have varying opinions and advice on how things must be done. Unfortunately, some SEO beliefs are actually myths that may either be unhelpful or even cause harm to your SEO success. Here are three of the most […]

Yes, You can Do SEO Yourself!

With some good research and good practical application, you can actually learn how to apply SEO for your own business. The secret is to take things one step at a time – learning the fundamentals first then working your way towards different aspect of the optimization process. The good news is there are corporate SEO […]

Three Simple yet Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Leads are vital to any business. It would be incredibly hard for a business to thrive without good quality leads. But with so many advice on how you should generate leads, where do you actually focus your efforts? Here are some simple and basic lead generation strategies that actually work. Email marketing Never underestimate the […]

How to Become an SEO Writer

To become an SEO writer, you won’t need an SEO training Hong Kong or formal education on it. While an SEO course would surely help, all you need to be a writer is some writing skills and the ability to follow directions. There are certain requirements that you need to follow to produce good SEO […]

Learning SEO: Take a Training Course or Learn Online for Free?

Undergoing training is a surefire way to learn SEO. Courses are designed to assist learners not just to grasp concepts and methodologies but also to equip themselves with actual optimization skills. Sure some would ask why pay for a training course while you can learn it for free online. For sure, everything to learn is […]

The Many Roles of an SEO Professional

Search engine optimization (SEO) professionals play a big role in the overall performance of many businesses today. They help businesses to increase their online presence and achieve their goals though digital platforms. With their background in both IT and marketing, SEO professionals are seen as versatile and valuable members of the business community. They are […]

All the Perks of Taking SEO Courses for your Business

Other than lead generation programs in Hong Kong, SEO training is rising in popularity among businesses big and small. Business owners are apparently realizing the role of SEO in establishing online presence in the highly digital world of commerce. If you are one of them, taking an SEO course can be the key to boosting […]

Digital Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing – Time to Straighten Them Out

Digital marketing is probably one of the industries that are constantly plagued by myths. Sometimes, even the simplest and the most basic ones, people would always get them wrong. It’s hard to trace back where all these assumptions and claims came from, but one thing is for sure, it’s about time to verify and correct […]

What to Look for an SEO Expert? – 5 Ways to Find Someone You Can Trust

It’s always a challenge to find an effective and reliable SEO expert that would help you with your digital marketing campaign. The term has been practically thrown around a lot these days which makes the search even more difficult. You’ll see people from left and right claiming that they’re a seasoned specialist only to be […]