Success in SEO Content Writing: Skills You Need to Have

One of the most important skills a successful SEO writer should have is the ability to know who you’re writing for and addressing their needs specifically by producing high quality content. Because you’re writing for a specific audience, it goes beyond having a good command of whatever language you’re using. With proper local SEO training, […]

SEO Keywords: Understanding the Different Types for Effective Research

No SEO strategy is going to be a success without proper keyword research. You can’t expect great results for all your online marketing efforts if your chosen keywords are not properly targeted. So, what is the right approach when it comes to keyword research for a successful SEO campaign? With the right search engine optimization […]

Going Global: Opening Your Shopify Store for International Buyers

If you own an ecommerce business, there are plenty of ways you can explore to make it grow and scale. From an online-only shop, you can expand to brick and mortar stores when things start to take off. Apart from adding new products or services, scaling up your marketing strategies through professional SEO training, or […]

Social Media Marketing Hacks for Businesses

The rise of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms has changed the way businesses do marketing. When you think of marketing today, social media is one of the buzzwords that you’ll catch. However, there’s a difference between being on social media and using it to your advantage. The latter requires a great deal of […]

Developing a Lead Generation Strategy: A Guide for Startups

“How do I get leads?” This is often among the many questions that startup owners ask at the onset of their business. For the most part, startups often rely on referrals to pump leads into their business. However, if you want to scale your startup and become the next multi-million revenue business, you’ll need a […]

Lead Generation Hacks for Small Businesses

Small businesses should look into different opportunities to expand their customer base. This means maximizing all available channels and resources for their lead generation efforts. But, how do small businesses make the most of their digital marketing strategy for lead generation? We share some of the ways to train your team when it comes to […]

How to Increase Your Digital Strategy Engagement

The digital strategy training provides businesses with another channel for online promotions. However, some fail to utilize the power of social media. When they think of social media, they only think of scheduling post after post. What they don’t realize is this only covers the surface of social media. A thorough social media strategy focuses […]

How Valuable is Online Reputation Management – and What You Should Do About It

Ever had a customer leave a negative review about your business? What were your first steps to remedy the situation? Reviews can be a double-edged for businesses. If you neglect to address negative reviews, your business can suffer from the reception of other customers. On the other hand, positive reviews can reinforce your brand and […]

Getting into Social: Hacks to Make Your Business More Visible

In today’s digital world, social media plays a big role in how businesses become visible to their target audience. A well-crafted Facebook post, a creative tweet, or even eye-catching visuals on Instagram can contribute to a business’ online presence.  How do you maximize social media to get more attention? Start with the following hacks: Get […]

Lead Generation: Are You Doing It Right?

Your phone has been ringing non-stop. You’re getting inquiries about your services and products left and right. But, why is your conversion rate not hitting the ceiling?  You’re probably doing something wrong with your lead generation strategy.  Here’s one thing you need to understand about lead generation—it’s not a “cast a wide net and expect […]